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Spinning Bean Magic Cube, Educational Toy for Family

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 Don't underestimate the kids you play with!

Are you ready to take a challenge?

Fun and wisdom early education relieves boredom and stress. A new decompression puzzle product developed for brain development, combined with the common characteristics of fingertip tops!

Concave-convex particle massage palm. The use of anti-fall ABS material with concave-convex particles on the edge can exercise children's grasping ability and massage the palm.

Helps you keep your kids away from electronic products such as mobile phones and tablets!


  • Destroy the color of the beads on both sides, and make the color of the beads on both sides consistent again through the square-cube in the middle. The difficulty is not high, but this is a good way to exercise children.

  • Reduce brain teasers and reduce stress, increase concentration and reduce anxiety. This is a good idea for friends who can’t keep their fingers still. It is very useful for people who love brain teasers.

  • It is very suitable for the whole family to use in family gatherings or family gatherings. This puzzle game is also very suitable for children and adults to develop toys and stress relief tools intelligently. It is suitable for children to control balance, improve intelligence, learn to build patience and explore the ultimate victory.

  • ABS plastic, strong and durable texture, smooth surface makes it feel better, not easy to scratch, can be used with confidence.

  • Creative Design: Carefully design 4 0-shaped concave holes, each of which has a number of small beads to push the middle module, which can move and rotate.
  • Intellectual Development: A new puzzle product developed for children's brain development combined with the commonality of conventional toys, which is beneficial to exercise children's spatial imagination, logical thinking, and exercise finger flexibility!
  • Promote Communication: Parents can promote parent-child relationships in the process of having fun, and it is also suitable for children's play to expand the social circle.
  • High-Quality Materials: using plastic material that is resistant to falling, bumpy particles on the edges exercise children's grasping ability and massage the palms.

How to play:

  • Throw small magic bean top balls to mix randomly
  • Move the middle horizontal axis to replace required magnetic beads in different O-shaped grooves.
  • Use memory and space fantasy to complete the beads in the 4 grooves at the fastest speed


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 11 x 10cm / 4.33 x 3.93in (Approx.)

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