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Roller Coaster for Kids

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Slide in the world of toddlers! 

Turn your backyard into a mini amusement park with the Toy Roller Coaster. This huge colorful kid’s roller coaster toy is designed for preschoolers but still a hit with older children. Climbing the stairs to reset the ride helps toddlers foster balance and develop gross motor skills while giving kids plenty of exercise during outdoor playtime. This Toy Roller Coaster is durable enough to be left outside year round, this toy roller coaster will be an instant backyard hit.


  • This roller coaster toy’s colorful design and 30 in. (76.2 m) high platform is an ideal addition to an outdoor play space..
  • Your backyard will be the talk of the neighborhood with the extreme fun of this kids’ coaster, featuring 9 ft. (2.7 m.) of riding track.
  • One-rider coaster design lets little thrill seekers practice sharing as they take turns riding down the track and using the wide, easy-step track to reset the coaster car..
  • Ready…Set…Go! Place the coaster car on the platform to coast down the track! Recessed wells keep the coaster car steady until little ones are ready to roll..
  • Easy to clean! Use disinfectant wipes or household cleaners whenever you want!.
  • In the box: 3-Piece riding track, coaster car, and platform.


  • Easy-Step Track: Toddlers and preschoolers will practice their gross motor skills walking the coaster car back up to the platform with the wide, molded-in steps.
  • Vibrant Styling: This roller coaster toy features bright colors and cool racing decals to add to the extreme coaster experience!
  • 3-Piece Track: 9 ft. riding track is included! The back-and-forth play (like slides), encourages physical activity as kids reset the coaster car to ride again.
  • Safety Built-In: Wide, non-slip stairs allow easy platform access, where the coaster car sits in recessed wells for stability. The coaster car includes molded-in foot rests and high back for a secure ride.

Toddler Develops:

  • Physical + Motor Skills: Climbing on and off the coaster car requires physical dexterity and helps develop gross motor skills during playtime. And similar to a slide, kids learn to balance on a coaster toy, using their core strength as they cruise down the track. Plus, the “back and forth” nature of coasters (like slides) encourages physical activity.
  • Esteem + Self-Expression: The easy return style of the coaster car allows kids to reset the coaster all on their own to keep playtime going – and builds confidence the more they do it! At first, they might need help from Mom and Dad to climb onto the car. The more they play, the more comfortable they’ll be with balancing and using the toy all on their own.
  • Sensory Exploration: Coaster toys are typically used in outdoor play areas, so they open kids up to new sights and sounds not found in their usual daily routine. The quick movement down the track introduces new sensory concepts like feeling the wind on their face and the sound of the wheels on the track.
  • Language + Social Skills: Coasters are designed as single-rider toys, making them a great option to teach sharing along with taking turns and the concept of patience. Kids will also expand their vocabulary as they play with words like “coaster”, “climb”, and “car”.

Plus Points!

  • Engage your child with STEM concepts as they play! Ask questions that pertain to the coaster toy like, “What happens when you push off lightly?” and “Why does the car stop at the end?”.
  • As the coaster car comes down the track and stops on the bare ground, ask your child to explain the difference between the two terrains. They’ll get an extended lesson in STEM learning and sensory exploration as they describe their thoughts and feel the difference on and off the coaster car.
  • Show and tell your child how the roller coaster toy works and goes together. Through repetition, they’ll get the hang of it and feel proud they can operate the toy on their own – with parental supervision!

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